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Our Vision and Mission – Why We Are Here

Over the last 50 years, we’ve built a strong and viable business that stands the test of time.

The relationships we have, the people that form the backbone of our organization, the direction we take, the strategy we employ and the products and services we provide form the pillars of our strength.

To continue to thrive as a strong business, we must look ahead, must understand the trends and forces that shape our business, must continue to understand emerging markets and customer needs and never accept that being good at what we do is good enough. And, lastly, we will always strive to help our customers be successful.

Polytainers’ Vision

To be a leading voice in the packaging industry, earning customers’ respect as an intelligent, highly responsive and forward-looking partner.

Polytainers’ Mission

Polytainers is committed to excellence in the development and manufacture of thin-wall rigid plastic packaging specializing in the food and dairy business.

As a market-driven manufacturer, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations through leadership in technology and innovation, continuous improvement and Total Quality Commitment.  Our success will continue because of Team Member partnerships with Customers, Suppliers and the Communities in which we operate.

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