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Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA): Plastic Industry Leadership Awards

Our Ultimate (U) Series of in-mold labelled (IML) plastic containers have the highest top-load per gram of resin in the North American marketplace. “The use of IML allows customers to present their brands with premium graphics,” CPIA said. “The result is a premium container, with industry-leading material utilization reducing resin consumption by approximately 20 per cent.”

Gold Award for Best Product Family: The Wave Series

IMDA (In-Mold Decorating Association) Awards

The Wave (W) Series features a “wave” around the bottom of the container and incorporates in-mold labelling (IML) technology. The photographic quality of IML labels combined with a transparent window at the bottom of the cups gives an immediate view of the products. The Wave Series of 409 Diameter containers comes in a full range of sizes designed for dips, salsas, olives and yogurts.