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2019 Best In-Mold Decorated Package

In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA) Awards

Our dual compartment Sidekick container offers efficiency on shelf while delivering tangible sustainability results. The Sidekick was Made2RecycleTM being designed with thinner walls which reduces the amount of plastic used during the manufacturing process. Both the container and IML label are made with polypropylene resin resulting in a 100% recyclable package; therefore the consumer does not need to separate materials before recycling. The Sidekick increases shelf density by 36% and is available in white, pigmented or clear with a full wrap IML label.

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4453SK-Sidekick Container

2016 Plastics Innovator

Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) Leadership Awards

Our Ultimate (U) Series of in-mold labelled (IML) plastic containers have the highest top-load per gram of resin in the North American marketplace. “The use of IML allows customers to present their brands with premium graphics,” CPIA said. “The result is a premium container, with industry-leading material utilization reducing resin consumption by approximately 20 per cent.”

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2013 Gold Award for Best Product Family

In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA) Awards

The Wave (W) Series features a “wave” around the bottom of the container and incorporates in-mold labelling (IML) technology. The photographic quality of IML labels combined with a transparent window at the bottom of the cups gives an immediate view of the products. The Wave Series of 409 Diameter containers comes in a full range of sizes designed for dips, salsas, olives and yogurts.


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