Polytainers: A Yogurt Packaging Manufacturer That Understands Your Industry

If you or your company is in search of a yogurt packaging manufacturer and want to understand the latest trends in plastic packaging for the dairy space, then you have come to the right place. Polytainers offers yogurt packaging solutions for businesses in the U.S., Canada, and throughout North America that can bring your product to market faster and get it noticed sooner.  We have yogurt manufacturing plants in Ontario and Missouri, over 50 years of experience and modern yogurt packaging technology.

Forward-looking Yogurt Packaging Solutions

At Polytainers, we have earned the respect from some of the largest yogurt brands because of our intelligent, highly responsive, and forward-looking packaging solutions.  Whether you are looking to improve your speed to market, explore new design concepts, or implement sustainability advantages, Polytainers can help your business prosper and grow. We manufacture containers and lids for your yogurt products that meet your needs.

Why Choose Polytainers as Your Yogurt Packaging Manufacturer?

Polytainers is a company that is dedicated to sustainable yogurt packaging solutions. In addition to constantly improving our manufacturing methods to make them more efficient and less invasion upon the environment, we partner with world class learning facilities such as University of Guelph (Canada) and University of Massachusetts-Amherst. That means we are always learning, and always striving to improve.

When you choose Polytainers as your yogurt packaging manufacturer you experience:

Expertise and experience.   Polytainers offers best in class technical service. With over 50 years of experience, you can trust that the motivated team at Polytainers can be relied upon to inform you of the best practices to ensure a successful launch of your yogurt products, whether it is in Toronto, Missouri, or throughout North America.

Flexibility and Agility.  As a lean manufacturer, we make and ship to your actual schedule. No finished goods inventory means you save time and money when packaging is refreshed or transitioned. You can rely on Polytainers to make changes seamlessly.

Award-Winning Graphic Design and Printing. Polytainers is powered by an in-house graphics team that have been recognized with more than 130 industry awards. Utilize our expertise to help your product capture the consumer’s attention and share of wallet.

Sustainability Solutions.  Our sustainability solutions not only save you money, but allow all of us to deliver our environmental commitments.  We work with scientific and industry experts to stay abreast of new technologies to bring forward further innovation. You can have confidence that when you work with Polytainers you will always be well-informed

As an Award-Winning yogurt Container Manufacturer, Polytainers can satisfy all your yogurt packaging needs and recommend new ways of doing business that improve your efficiency and profit margins. We are committed to constant improvement and creating a culture of resource conservation.

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